A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes
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Author:  Dvash [ Fri Oct 17, 2008 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

The subject says it all, really. I'm not sure where she lives, who she is. I don't know her name, what continent she lives on, or what language she speaks. But I need to find her. If you've seen her, please let me know.

I only know about the mark on her foot because I was looking down as we stepped together into the ink, and I thought at the time how strange it was that the ink had splashed into such a deliberate pattern on the top of her foot. I realized later that I was wrong, of course. It wasn't just a splashing of the ink. She had the mark before we ever sat down for that short moment together.

Please. Help me find her.

Author:  UnseenUsher [ Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

Trees. What kind? Thick enough around to carve houses out of the trunk without the tree necessarily noticing? Trees with the dead inside?

I can think of two with heavy foliage on their maps. Neither one of them had it on their toes, but maybe if you find them you can visit a tree-covered place adjacent to those toes you're looking for.

One is a roadie for the band Midnight Monkeys. It's a crap band. Try to get backstage. Wear earplugs. Ask for Stacy. Her map takes up one shoulder blade.

The other lives in Brooklyn, I think. Works in a bookshop when he isn't touring around playing bit parts in a two-bit theater company. They just finished a run of All's Well That Ends Well, so he should be back in Brooklyn. Unless he made up the story he told me about where he's from, in which case I don't know where to find him. The map wraps around his lower ribs on his right side. He claims to be straight. Don't believe it.

I don't know if their trees will line up with your trees, but they might....

Author:  December [ Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

Did she have green eyes, Dvash? What foot was the mark on?

Author:  Dvash [ Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

I don't remember the color of her eyes. They were shaded by the fall of her hair. I'm not even sure which foot her mark was on. I think it was her left foot, but I just don't know. It's hard to remember clearly.

I don't know what kind of trees they were from the map. It looked like the beginnings of a forest at the edge of the city, though for all I know it was just a partial glimpse of a city park or private property.

Usher, thank you for the leads! I've been trying to find the man in Brooklyn, which isn't too far from where I live. But I can't just walk into every bookstore in the borough and ask all the male employees to take off their shirts, tempting as that is.

Instead, I've been going in and asking employees if they have a copy of the Palimpsest Encyclopedia for sale. Not subtle, for anyone who has been there enough times to learn the name. But so far, no one has recognized it at all.

I'll let you know if I find him.

As for the other - you mean the Swedish Midnight Monkeys? Fuck, that's a long way away. I'll focus on finding the guy in Brooklyn first.

Author:  Dvash [ Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

I stopped by a tiny bookstore in Cobble Hill last night, and asked the guy working there if they had the Palimpsest Encyclopedia.

"It's out of stock," he told me. "Come back next week, we should have a few more copies in then."

I hope that means he's going to get in touch with the guy you mentioned and bring him in to meet me! (I mean, I was just making it up to use as a code. It doesn't really exist, right?)

Author:  December [ Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

Dvash: I don't know if this will help or not. I'm in England. The girl who gave me my mark had foliage on the toes of her right foot -- I thought it was henna, at first, except it was black, and I thought that was odd, like maybe it hadn't peeled off yet or something, and then she said it was a "birthmark. A mark of my birth." We didn't talk much more, after that.

Her name is Alys. That's what she told me, anyway, and pointed out the Y in particular. Like in the Canterbury Tales. I met her in a pub in Leeds, but she had an American accent. She said she was "just passing through" on her way to Glasgow, but didn't say why -- she made me talk about myself alot more than she answered my questions, I realise now, but I was so nervous I babbled on anyway. I wish I could tell you more about her, more than that she left me an amazing book and a tattoo on my shoulder. She told me of places she'd been, but didn't talk about being "from" anywhere -- just where she was going next. She smelled amazing, like cakes and Shiraz.

I met her a little over a month ago. I have no idea where she is now. She might've been visiting, she might not, she might be going to school in Glasgow for all I know. She said she was interested in bestiaries and the history of smoke. I wish I'd asked her more about that, instead of trying to make a lame joke about the history of mirrors. But it's occurring to me now that it's an obvious reason to go to Glasgow -- doesn't the university there have an amazing collection of medieval manuscripts? I might try to find an excuse to go there for school. I want so badly to see her again, too. Just ... To thank her, at least, for what she's given me. And to ask her so many more questions and get answers. I want to know her.

Author:  UnseenUsher [ Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

Dvash—Did you find the boy, or the book? Hope you found the boy, but please send word if you stumbled on an actual, physical, encyclopedic book. That would be helpful. Or even a little travel guide. Somebody must have written a little travel guide at some point. Probably not in the Rough Guide series, though—"travel on a shoestring" becomes "dream-travel without lube."

Author:  Dvash [ Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

December - Thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me. Any sort of lead is a miracle. If you find her again, please get her contact info and let me know! Alys.. maybe the unusual spelling will help me find her. I hope so. I'm a long way off from England, though, and travel is tough nowadays with the economy as it is.

Usher - I found the boy, but not the book. I don't think there really is one. I'd love to read it if there were. And actually, I'd love to help write it. I'm in the business of gathering information, after all. The epidemiological data I'm trying together blends neatly into a travel guide, or will once I have enough of it, anyways. Care to make a project of it?

Anyway, I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted last. It's been a whirlwind around here. Meeting him.. well, that was an adventure. Thank you again for the suggestion. [deep breath] Let me see if I can remember clearly enough to tell you how that went.

I went back to that bookstore I mentioned a few weeks ago, a few days before Halloween. When I walked in, the same guy I'd talked to the first time was standing at the register again. I reminded him that he'd told me to come back, and asked if he had what I was looking for. He invited me to the back room to see.

I followed him back, and he took me to a small room filled with shelves and boxes of books. Sitting at a table in the corner was a guy doing some sort of inventory work. He looked to be in his 20s, with long, dark, shaggy hair and quiet grey eyes. I was nervous, suddenly, stupidly, and stood there just watching him as he silently stood and unbuttoned his shirt, carefully draping it over the back of his chair.

It sounds stupid to say that I gasped, but I did. His mark was right where you said it would be, Usher (and I must say, I can't read your name here without thinking 'Fall of the House of..?') - wrapped around his lower ribs on his right side, fit perfectly to the lines of his torso, dark lines sliding across wiry muscle and shadows of bone. I could see the forests mapped out there by the edge of the river, mingling with his freckles. It's.. is anyone else here getting this? I've started to eroticize the marks. It wasn't from surprise. It was just the same way I tend to gasp to see a man's cock finally spring loose from his boxers. Pure arousal.

He looked so worn, his skin luscious and coarse like rich silk cloth that has seen too much everyday wear. And so young. He hesitated, then, watching my eyes drift across his skin, already anticipating what it would be like to hike through the woods he could lead me to. So young. And though he was smooth and calm about pulling off his shirt for me, knew perfectly well what I was there for, I could see him starting to get nervous at the way I was watching him so quietly.

That's what finally broke me out of it. Seeing him shiver just a bit, waiting for me to reach out and take him.

"Keep stripping," I told him softly, with just enough edge in my voice to make him jump before he reached down to unlace and pull off his shoes and socks. I wanted to stay quiet and slow, draw it out some before he took me where I wanted to go.

I heard the door behind me open and close again as he started to unbutton his jeans. A low voice whispered in my ear. "I closed the store for lunch." The bookseller's lips brushed against my ear as I watched the grey-eyed young man strip down for me.

When he was fully naked, I grabbed a roll of duct from the table on my way over to him, and quickly taped his wrists together behind his back. Bound to hurt when it came off, but that wasn't my problem. He struggled a bit, but not with any real conviction, and I was able to hold him bent face-down over the table with almost no effort.

"You're not really trying," I told him. "I know I wouldn't be able to hold you down so easily if you were." And he suddenly pushed himself up off the table at that, tried to stand up, and no, I couldn't hold him down so easily when he did. But I don't need things to be easy, and I grabbed his wrists with one hand and slammed him back down hard against the table, shoving his legs apart with my knee so I could slap his inner thighs with my other hand, laughing.

"I can take you even if you do really try to resist," I reassured him. "You don't have to hold back with me." He shuddered and moaned at that, struggling again as I continued slapping and pinching the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, forcing them open whenever he
tried to clench them shut to protect himself from the pain.

He was chanting please please please and I doubt he knew whether he was begging me to stop or begging for more. His eyes were tightly shut, and his lips moving soft against the hard wood table as he begged. His cock was hard, though, and his hips twisting and straining.

I glanced back to see the bookseller standing there with his jeans unzipped, stroking his cock as he watched me play with his friend. I snapped at him to make himself useful and find me some narrow cord to work with, and he simply grinned at me for a moment before leaning down and unlacing the extra-long shoelaces from his knee-high boots.

"Whatever you want, just tell me," he murmured as he handed them to me, and I noticed the mark, small and tight near the base of his thumb, like an overcrowded ghetto of narrow streets and twisty passages, looking almost like a greasy thumbprint there on his hand.

I tied the cord around the the grey-eyed man's cock and balls, wrapping it around both together and then around his scrotum separately. Then I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, kissing him gently as I twisted his hair into a loop so I could tie it in a quick sheet bend to the other end of the cord.

When I was done, his head was pulled back, his back arched, and the threat of the cord pulling hard on his balls kept him struggling to keep from leaning forward and protecting his bared throat. I bit his throat, hard, leaving bruises and enjoying the way he writhed,
alternating between the pain of the biting and the pain of the pulling.

"Come fuck his face for me," I told the bookseller, who shed the rest of his clothing and eagerly complied. While he did, I pulled the grey-eyed man's belt out of the jeans he'd discarded on the floor, and held it doubled in my hand. "And don't come without permission."

I beat his ass with his own belt while enjoying the sight of him suck the bookseller's cock.

When the bookseller asked for permission to come, I told him to stop and move back. I untied the younger man's hair and ripped the duct tape from his wrists.

Speaking to the bookseller, I gave the orders: "You're going to fuck his ass while he fucks me. I want to see where he'll take us, that way." And turning to the younger man, I added, "...if you don't mind." He finally laughed at that, and grinned back at me. He unwrapped the condom I threw to him as I finally undressed and leaned forward against the table myself.

He fucked me there as I reached for my clit to jerk myself off, telling him how I'd hurt him if he came before I told him he was allowed to. I started to come for the first time as I felt him pause and groan when the bookseller guided his cock into the young man's ass to fuck me through him. And repeatedly after that, before I allowed the two men to finally finish and come themselves.

I thought that would work best. If the bookseller and I both fucked the grey-eyed man, I thought we'd both wake up in the woods whose emblem curved beneath his ribs. I thought perhaps I'd be meet someone there who knew who led to the adjoining woods, who could lead me to the dark-haired women who hopefully goes by Alys when we're awake.

What a fucking mess. Instead, the grey-eyed man and I found ourself together that night in a small, cramped ghetto, lost in a maze of filthy alleys, surrounded by people with chimera bodies.

I saw men with dog snouts on their faces. A woman whose arm ended in a huge lizard's leg and claws from the elbow on. A circle of people playing some sort of strange game on the street, gambling with scraps of paper covered in handwritten lists as the currency, all of whom looked up at us when we passed with triple-lidded eyed like frogs or birds.

Should we have a separate forum for these stories, about places we've visited there? Or should I just post the rest of it here?

The pertinent bits are these: His name is Sam. He's heard from others that there are woods adjoining those marked on his body. And he'll be in town for the next few months, at least, and I'll have the chance to fuck him alone to be sure I visit his woods and see who I can meet there.

And I learned that at least some of the chimera people want to kill immigrants. People like us.

When I woke up my shoulder was bleeding here in this world from a slash I'd gotten during a fight in one of those alleys, when someone overheard a woman who was telling me more about where I was and what I was seeing there, and realized that I didn't belong. The woman who was kind enough to tell me what was going on didn't make it. I... I woke up in time, perhaps. Barely. So did Sam.

Be careful in the ghettos and back alleys.

I don't think I'll be sleeping with that bookseller again. It's not worth the risk.

Author:  ThuliumMezzo [ Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A woman with long, dark hair & a map with trees on her toes

I've been following this thread. I was in a bookstore last week on Halsted (I live in Chicago) and asked the store clerk if they had a Palimpsest Encyclopedia or any travel materials. He just looked confused and went to go consult the catalog, but I saw a woman standing next to me blushed up to the roots of her hair (she was apparently listening in on our conversation). She held her wrist out and I could see the mark. I wanted to reach out and touch her skin, but I was too afraid. I bent down to get a pen out of my purse, to get her number, but when I looked up she had disappeared.

I asked the clerk if he knew anything about her and he said he's only seen her a couple of times. I'm incredibly isolated in this city and am now obsessed with finding her. She's pretty thin, has blonde hair cut into a pixie style, and has a mark about the size of a CD on her wrist. The only distinguishing part of the map I could see in that short of a time was something called Sakura Bridge- has anyone been there, or seen her?

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